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  • Handheld GPS Units Help you stay on the Right Track

    Handheld GPS Units Help you stay on the Right Track

    We have always loved communing with nature. Certainly one of my favourite kinds of exercises are hiking, especially in the neighborhood parks over the beautiful river. Every few months, I love happening day trips to nearby state parks and hiking during the day. Sometimes, I bring a buddy along with me, however i usually the same as being alone with nature. My friend recently got a handheld GPS unit from her husband being a gift and recommend that I buy one too, particularly since I love wandering around naturally so much.

    After my conversation with my friend, I made a decision to investigate portable GPS units personally. I came across that they are devices that make use of the Global positioning system unit, which combine state-of-the-art geographic technology with a portable, easy-to-use tool for day-to-day use. You will find GPS cell phones, PDAs and navigational systems. The handheld GPS unit has various impressive functions, for example navigation assistance and land-survey information. Some units have particular facts about geographic locations including historic and national landmarks. Outdoor lovers begin using these units to pinpoint coordinates of the particular location to make reference to later on. I prefer how handheld GPS units offer 3-D maps, full-colour screens, temperature readings, and barometric pressure readings.

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    For fellow hikers, a waterproof GPS unit is recommended. Keep in mind that light-weight units are best for outdoor activities. These come in selection of bright colours, which can be important when hiking in a park or forest and you also place your unit temporarily on a lawn, as dull colours will match nature and make it difficult to relocate. The handheld GPS units rely on a minimum of three available satellites, by having an average accuracy of within about 30 metres/ 100 feet. I'm looking towards purchasing my own, personal handheld GPS unit. Happy hiking!

    Added by Charlotte & Martin on Sat, Jun 16th 2012